Our Vision

Our purpose is to create a deep and lasting change in the US system of industrialized healthcare. We believe that Black Lives Matter and we stand with the Asian American and Pacific Islander, and Indigenous Communities. We are committed to ongoing anti-racist work, supporting  and building communities with viable and sustainable reproductive healthcare.

We are dedicated to the delivery and implementation of Chinese medical reproductive healthcare which is safe, equitable, and just for all “Bodies of Culture” (BIPOC), LGBTQIA+, and disabled peoples. We offer reproductive healthcare that is compassionate and kind, enjoyable to receive, and empowering for each person under our care by including them in an informed and continuing reciprocal dialogue that is focused on positive health outcomes.

You belong here too.

What We Do

We specialize in natural and holistic reproductive health care for all people during all stages of life. Our practice is dedicated to helping you achieve the freedom and happiness that comes with optimal reproductive health.

More energy, restful sleep, balanced hormones, improved moods, vitality, and improved relationships – all are available to you. We provide acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and nutritional supplements both through our clinic and online dispensary.

How We Do This

Whatever your reproductive health concern is, we will support you in identifying and addressing barriers limiting your body’s natural ability to conceive, maintain your pregnancy, transition, regulate your menstrual cycle, or ease through menopause. You can expect an individualized treatment plan, customized just for you, to create long-lasting results. Each step of the way, we partner with you to develop a healthy lifestyle that suits you – full of vitality and freedom.

We listen to you to fully understand your reproductive health concerns, and consider lifestyle influences such as: sleep, stress, nutrition, exercise, environmental factors, and state of mind to be an integral part of your state of health. We’ll continually work together to ease your discomfort while identifying and treating the underlying cause(s) of your symptoms using natural methods well suited to your unique situation. Because how you live affects how you feel, we’ll work together to establish a lifestyle that enhances your vitality.

We address your concerns while uncovering the root cause of your imbalance. This begins with deep listening and a comprehensive medical evaluation that helps paint your entire health picture. The result is a realistic and practical treatment plan customized for your specific needs. This process establishes a long-term partnership that allows you to experience a life of optimal reproductive health and well-being.

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We look forward to working together with you!