It’s summer!  The days are longer, temperatures are finally climbing to a level of warmth that feels like summertime and we are experiencing the sunny sunshine that we have been waiting for the entire winter.

We are soaking it in, getting outside and feeling the heat! After spending some time in the sun, it often feels natural to reach for cold beverages and foods. While hydration is extra important on these hot hot days, Chinese nutritional therapy frowns upon ice cold foods and drinks.

To stay healthy and keep your digestion strong through the summer, consider some Chinese nutritional wisdom.

Summer time!

Chill the Chill

Ice cold beverages and foods may be satisfying in the moment, however they can be really tough on your digestion. A few of my favorite foods for cooling down without using ice include:

  • cucumber
  • mint
  • lemon

When you see your self reaching for the door to the freezer, consider slicing up some lemon or cucumber and adding that to your water instead of ice to help bring your body temperature down without taxing your digestive system.

Summer Is the Season of Abundance

This time of year presents a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of all of the fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits available here in Whatcom County. It is a great season to load up on a diverse selection of produce and nutrients.

Even better, there is a bounty of seasonal summer foods that are helpful for keeping the body cool! Leafy green vegetables, melons, fresh fruits and most summer vegetable are cooling foods. Foods like

  • tomatoes
  • eggplants
  • zucchini’s

are also cooling in nature. One of my favorite dishes to make using each of these vegetables in the summer is ratatouille!

Cold Is Stagnating To the Digestion

If you have:

  • sluggish digestion
  • a foggy head
  • fatigue

or less than ideal bowel movements, cold will not be your friend this summer season! Consider adjusting your diet to stay cool this summer while keeping your body happy and healthy, for fertility and life in general!

Yours in health~

Maria Hunter, MAcOM, LAc, EAMP