“What a truly welcoming and warm environment. I felt so much love and support from Maria Hunter on my first appointment. Thank you.”

“My work with Cally Huttar has transformed my life. I came in feeling hopeless after a long illness that left me debilitated, depressed and anxious. My life seemed unmanageable as I cycled through bouts of pain and inflammation with flare-ups from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Cally asked me a few simple but profound questions that changed everything. She helped me see how my thoughts were getting in my way, everything from changing my diet to quitting a job I hated that was literally sucking the life out of me. She carefully planned a treatment strategy with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and I am now doing something I love, my energy is 100% better, my pain is manageable now (I see it as a barometer telling me when to slow down) I am eating nutritious and delicious food, and I am even meditating now! I couldn’t have done this without her and I am eternally grateful.”

“With Cally Huttar’s wisdom and compassionate care, I am completely off hormone replacement therapy with the use of Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Sleeping through the night with no hot flashes is a godsend!”

“After a ski accident and ACL surgery my knee was swollen and painful for weeks. A friend suggested I make an appointment with Cally Huttar and the treatment was so effective that I have her working on all my sport injuries now so that I can return to my active life with as little down time as possible.”

“I had the most unrelenting headaches for decades. After a few treatments with Cally Huttar, combining acupuncture with craniosacral therapy, my headaches are gone. The relief has been incredible and sustaining. I am eternally grateful for Cally’s healing touch and skill.”

“I have been debilitated with cycles of depression and anxiety for years, but with Cally Huttar’s help I am slowly feeling the joy of life again, thank you!”

“What a peaceful & restorative experience! Cally Huttar is wonderful at helping you understand the breadth and depth of the services she can provide while helping you identify what might be most helpful. She has a great depth of knowledge and is gentle and thorough in her approach. I would recommend her highly and look forward to returning.”

“My experience with acupuncture came at a time when I was in a lot of physical pain. I had an abscessed tooth and had to fly to a funeral. As you might imagine flying with this kind of tooth pain was excruciating and in order to help alleviate the pain I took a hydrocodone as the Ibuprofen that I had was not working. Hydrocodone makes me feel extremely nauseous. 

Once I landed the pain did not subside I was then convinced to try a piece of a pot brownie. The person that offered this warned I should have a very small portion, but even with a small portion coupled with the fact that I don’t use Marijuana, only made me feel worse. It was difficult for me to even be present at the funeral. The pain and nausea were unbearable. I even visited a walk in clinic where they prescribed another pain relieving drug. This was not helpful at all. 

Then I was asked if I would like to try acupuncture, my answer was emphatically, yes! Cally Huttar placed a couple needles into my foot. The moment she did this I felt a strong pull shoot down my leg. It was almost as if all the toxins I had ingested left my body. I felt immediately better. NO NAUSEA. Cally then touched my head and suggested that I adjust the pillow I was using. I did not begin taking antibiotics until I returned home. After this one treatment I was completely pain free for over 32 hours with an active infection. It was absolutely incredible. I highly recommend Lotus Leaf Acupuncture!”

“What a great experience I had for my first acupuncture session with Cally Huttar. She made me feel very comfortable and I admired her nurturing spirit and professionalism. Her intake is thorough and she listened to my concerns to create a tailored treatment for me. I look forward to seeing her again.”

“Cally is a true healer. She listens with every fiber of her being and then draws upon her deep knowledge and vast experience to help with whatever it is that ails you, from sadness to the flu to a broken leg (I know, because I have worked with her on all three of of those maladies, and others). I have learned so much from Cally over the years, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is the real deal and treats every person she meets with gentle respect and powerful healing.”

“Cally Huttar of Lotus Leaf Acupuncture in Fairhaven embodies the true physician. Her dedication to and genuine concern for the health and successful treatment of her patients is by far the best Doctor-patient experience I’ve ever had. In one month, her treatment plan has significantly improved a female health issue I’ve dealt with and sought holistic healing for for many years. Thank you Cally!”

“I had the absolute privilege of going to Cally for a long time. Besides being an outstanding acupuncturist, she is also a great listener. I was new to acupuncture so she started me off with beginner needles and we gradually worked up as I was comfortable. At the beginning of each session, she takes the time to talk with you. You can talk about anything. She has a great ear and outstanding advice. Cally then takes what she heard to help her decide where the acupuncture is needed. She’s like a doctor that sits, listens, and then gets to work. I recommend her with all my being.”

“Cally was our go to healer here in Ketchum Idaho. We all went to her because her methods work. Impressive credentials aside, she has this uncanny knack for seeing all of you. She knows exactly what’s needed to bring you back to wholeness, weaving body, mind and soul back together again. If you’re struggling to feel healthy, strong and happy don’t walk, run to Cally’s office. She’s your person.”

“I helped shoot a commercial for Lotus Leaf Acupuncture and Wellness Center today and was privileged to get a taste of what Cally does. WOW! I am so blown away. I had acupuncture on my hands and feet, as well as a small amount of cupping. It was INCREDIBLE! It was so relaxing and felt deeply healing — even hours later I am still feeling the relief from it! I highly recommend Cally as an acupuncturist and healer. She is truly amazing.”

“Cally has a special touch both physically and emotionally. My kids and I worked with her for many years till she moved away. She finds things and treats them as well as the condition that brought us to her that day. The emotional support was very healing-she is an awesome listener and very compassionate. She helped with everything from a broken heart to vertigo to the Ketchum Krud. I can not say enough great things about her!”

“I had my first treatment with Cally 22 years ago. And have been treated for many diverse conditions over the years. She is the wonderful combination of education, skill, intuition and empathy that make her the healer that she is. Her treatments are personal and thorough. And the information and education you will receive will help you move towards health and healing. You are very blessed to have access to her!”

“Not only does Cally have a very thorough and in-depth knowledge of Chinese Medicine but she has a powerful intuition as a healer. It’s a perfect combination. I feel that she really takes time to listen to my words and my body and come up with a treatment strategy that works. I always leave her session feeling transformed. I strongly recommend you give her a try. You won’t be disappointed.”